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Yup, that's President Trump. All Democrats have are lies. Your dossier fan fic was fraudulent. No legal outcome was possible after the DNC paid a foreigner to write a word document as "evidence. You don't even cite the fan fic correctly. We just know it's been blown up bigger than it really is you know with the lies you commies put out there back and forth on your bogus statements not to mention you people created that virus, you know the millions Obama gave secretly to the lab in China.

If you are going to support CCP you had better learn what's going on. Yeah,dead, no big deal. Blown out of proportion.

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Fake news!!! And Obama, of course. He created it along with Bill Gates, right?

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Conclusion: You're an idiot, I'm not concerned, so don't p to speak for everybody, asshole. The dumb people Bandit Darville was probably there qcan go out without masks and get it and die for all I care. It'll weed out the stupid Trumpers. And the negroes. It benefits us all.

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I'm gonna keep wearing a mask and pick myself up a cheap Harley at an estate sale this fall from one of those Sturgis pinhead. Live the rest of your life being afraid. Doesn't care. At least about the mask. I don't think country music listeners care much about science.

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Are you sure his name is Zak and not Karen. I bet his name is Karen.

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Karen Zak ought to go home and mind his own damned business. It's technically a covered outdoor area and the mask order only requires wearing one "indoors in an area of public accommodation.

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It's not the best or brightest idea to be there without one, and it's certainly against the entire principle of the mask order, but there's nobody doing anything legally wrong. Rural country like people have a proven lower IQ. So don't be too hard on them.

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They need to be educated about masks. Go visit Tonganoxie Kansas. The citizens there are living like its the 's, livestock wanderin the streets, stray dogs, no internet service, and their IQ has alot to do with it. Some of the women live there as they are hiding from all the men hundreds they slept with in Kansas City and dont want the reputation following them.


So the chicks hide in Tonganoxie and the men live there as they can't survive in the big city. Only GPS gets them to these downtown concerts!

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Blacks have the lowest IQ by race. Look it up, it's a fact they prove everyday.

The Dems want to feed the fear their Chinese friends have brought to our doorstep. Meanwhile BLM and supporters use this as an excuse to loot and kill and try to intimidate. Mayor this is a clear violation of the rules. What are you going to do? Read this thread and now i have newfound respect for the Ayatollah. These country bumkins aint too smart.

Biggest plague to ever hit the universe is now circling the earth - and your listening to music. Maybe you will recover, with an enlarged heart, a lifetime of having to take prednisone, or with a much diminished lung capacity, or maybe a missing toe or finger due to blood clotting - but hey your not dead and it "felt" kinda like the flu right, Earl and Gertrude?

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How ya gonna bale hay if your weak for 2 years? And yeh, Tonganoxie tongy is a armpit community. The biggest armpit I have seen is Prospect and Troost, north of 75th St. All the ultra-smart Brookside people.

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All of you KCMO people are going to take a hit on your property values now and into the future. There are almost 3 million people in Kansas.

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The flu killed more people in Kansas last year. With the shutdowns, we have destroyed people's lives and financial futures; greatly increased drug overdose, alcohol overdose and domestic abuse cases; caused an uptick in suicides; and forever hurt the development of children's brains — all because of the deaths of. You can't do math. So shut up Comrade.


More "outrage" fake Twitter outrage about this than a massive block party in a D. Read this soy boy's Twitter More political than anything. Your mayor condones this type of behavior and this is nothing compared to Westport. Every weekend Westport bars are packed until am.

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Are you going to allow thousands of people to tailgate mayor? The city has plenty money. People of all age groups, races, income levels, and from both political parties are not wearing masks. Statistics, photos from around the country and simply going to any area of the city and you'll see that.

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Attn Your candidate, Joe Biden, is a sexual assaulter, an inappropriate toucher, and groper of women, a plagiarist, a cheater, a chronic liar, and a racist. Plus, he's mentally incompetent!

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I thought it was a classic when he spoke to his VP candidate and held his phone upside down. Says it all. The guy is a career politician and a greasy one, at that. The Dems have become a party of circus rejects. I am so saddened to see people making up spurious lies about Biden.

But look at the Facts about Trump. He will throw the entire country under the bus just to get re-elected. His self involvement has led to a lack of leadership on Covid 19 and countless loss of human life that could have been avoided.

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I shit you not. He is demented and deranged. He and his biologically male girlfriend were probably upset about seeing a bunch of breeders out enjoying themselves. His outrage had nothing to do with public health. When all the local sluts finally want to settle down and get married they move to Tonganoxie to start a family.

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Hiding from all the brothers they slept with and hoping nobody finds out the extent of their whorring. They act like they are goodie goodie, but their "duck walk" gait gives away the fact they have herpes! This Cold and Flu has,Been going on for hundreds of years. It's real,But since it's an election year.

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And you know China wants to have The Orange Man out of office. More people Die of T. AND we didn't require,mask. People don't go out sick. Our Local economy depends on it.

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